Spiritual Mentoring - One On One Package

An Incredible unique way of awakening and Healing. Level 3 Practitioner Ireland

Do you struggle with Spiritual Awakening, or want to develop your natural gifts, become part of a tribe? How to astral travel, develop your psychic Intuition, balance and grounding, read your Akashic records, connect with your guides, work with your abilities . Develop & Connect to higher self and Intuition Mediumship.  This will be BESPOKE for your development in a supportive and empowering way.

Sessions are Online Via Zoom in a 5 weekly package.
499 Euro

Triona has been training people for 8 years to date *2023 on how to manage their energy, Psychic Protection, developing their intuition, and much more.  Many Intuitive / Empaths can struggle to find the right balance to be healthy and well. During the mentoring sessions you can learn to astral travel, all related to spiritual things like sleep paralysis, understand and manage the physical effects of spiritual awakening, how to connect to guides and loved ones, and develop your natural abilities. Develop your higher self connection and your Soul power. It is designed to work on a BESPOKE level for what you want to achieve but ultimately access and obtain HIGHER AWARENESS and Consciousness

  • Mediations
  • Working with YOUR goals\Learning to Chanel
  • Psychic Intuition / Mediumship
  • Connect with your guides and work with them
  • Over Zoom weekly mentoring and support

Triona has studied with the best tutors from around the World, as well as developing the natural abilities and clairvoyance, channelling and paranormal .

Group Sessions are often run so please check the events page to see what’s coming soon.

NOTE: On booking you will receive an email with instructions *please check your spam / promotions folder.

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