Triona Sheeran

Triona Sheeran is a World Class Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist, specializing specifically in QHHT® (Level 3) Dolores Cannon's Method , Life Between Lives Regression Therapy and healing the mind. Triona is also a fully qualified and accredited trainer that provides training, mentoring, and talk therapy sessions to clients and students around the world who have studied coaching, Psychotherapy and CBT in addition to her Holistic Modalities. She has spent years studying and working in past life regressions to transform trauma and also now specializes in people’s awakening and consciousness.


QHHT®- Dolores Cannon’s method

Triona's Story

When Triona looks back at her earliest experiences, she recalls being aware of being something different. Indeed, she was often described as being ‘sensitive’. Staring at the stars, being fasinated with how the mind worked even at the tender age if 4, willing objects to move . Always having that awareness . “I was terrified of the dark from as early and I can remember sensing the presence of something else in my awareness.” She explains. On leaving school, Triona initially thought her working life would be in the Pure Sciences, however, she soon found her interests lay in Computer Science in Dublin. A career as a successful IT manager for Irish Ryanair Hotels and Dell in IT for nearly 13 years. However, life took a dramatic turn when Triona became sick during her second pregnancy and she suffered acute renal failure.

Triona's Story

During this time, Triona suffered ‘several’ near death experiences and long hospital stays. It was not an easy road, but she remained focussed and determined to achieve the milestones she had set for the journey ahead. Her personal diary was punctuated with heart-wrenching entries such as: ‘See my daughter’s 1st birthday’, this became ‘See my daughter’s 1st Communion, ‘See my Son’s Confirmation,’ See my Son’s 16th Birthday’ and so on. In those early days of recovery, Triona began to feel she could, at last, plan that healthy future with her husband Barry and her children. A future that had hung in the balance for 11 years but unfortunately tragedy struck with the sudden death of her Husband Barry .

Triona's Spiritual Awakening

“This was a completely shocking and shattering experience – it cracked me wide open – and yet through it all somehow, I went through a profound Spiritual awakening, it’s what I call my full awakening , with all the physical and emotional changes that went with that. I could start seeing and smelling (clairvoyant and clairsentience) across what some people call “the Veil” so much clearer , and it was a turning point for Me to dedicate my life to the exploration of the afterlife and healing

Unfathomable Knowledge

The senses and abilities she had been aware of as a child, opened up. Through her immense grief, there came an understanding that through that tragedy, there was love. And the continuation of that love into the afterlife or spirit realms . Since 2015, Triona has committed herself to her development and exploration of what she calls “her ultimate passion and curiosity”. “I had a thirst for knowledge about the afterlife, spiritual philosophies, consciousness, metaphysics and meditation, mediumship and channelling. I wanted to get a wider understanding of the incarnate and discarnate soul and its consciousness, and life in and between the afterlife. This led me to research and study so many modalities and I soon found I had an aptitude to work in trance states, using hypnosis and channelling and regression to obtain information and clarity on the soul. Naturally, this led me to ponder life’s big questions such as “Why are we here? “


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