Past Life Practitioner Course

Past Life Exploration is a quick and permanent method you can use as a practitioner, to help, empower and understand your clients on a deeper level.

During Past Life Exploration, clients can expect to meet their soul family, familiar faces, and even learn skills – like new languages, in addition to enhancing and awakening their spiritual selves.

Past Life Regression is a technique that takes an individual back through time to previous lives. Through guided hypnosis and relaxation therapy to induce the required state.

Journeying to previous lives is an incredibly enlightening and positive experience. Which can also be used as a form of therapy to remove unwanted traumas, which have carried over from previous lives in the form of memories, thoughts, or physical ailments.

Additional Course Information & Terms and Conditions

What the course contain?


All inductions and scripts in a downloadable and printable manual


On-Demand Access for Life to our training material as a site member


Also includes basic training on navigating Current Life Memories


2 days Live interactive training via Zoom with supervision, and assessment


Mindfulness Techniques, Energy Management & Spiritual Enhancement

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Learn Hypnosis, how to perform a regression and key hypnotic skills

Transform past life trauma, memories, fears, and illnesses

Spiritual Past Life Hypnosis and Clinical Past life Regression

The ability to work online or in-person, in an ethical and compassionate way

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