You could be giving your power away without realising it

What does power look like

Empowering yourself means taking intentional actions to enhance your own sense of confidence, control, and self-determination. It involves recognizing your strengths, understanding your weaknesses, and actively working to improve various aspects of your life. Empowerment is about taking responsibility for your own well-being and growth, making positive changes, and developing a strong belief in your abilities to achieve your goals.The brain likes familiar – this is why these actions are programmed in.

Yes it really does, it requires less energy to continue with the same thoughts than to create new ones, so once a program or thought / emotion is settled than it needs action to change it. In your early childhood / past life, you will have been programmed to this emotion (fear / drama / self-sacrifice / Joy / happiness etc) . Searching for work, hobbies and so forth that can embed these programs even deeper often means you CHOOSE unconsciously the wrong path in your life.

Mantra / Affirmations

This will need to be changed according to your own identified emotions – done daily you will replace any previous familiar unwanted thoughts.

Creating your own reality and life you WANT and deserve.

” I am no longer focusing or allowing fear in my life”.

“I am in flow, I am powerful, I am empowered power “

“I am letting go of unhealthy relationships”.

“I am loving myself unconditionally”

Remember you deserve to live the best life and create the best future you want

Make it a good one

You got this – Fuair Tú é Séo


All material copyrighted as Triona Sheeran 2023

If you aren’t sure your fully empowered as you can be then this check list below will help you decide .

1️⃣you find it difficult to say NO

2️⃣your often tired as everyone else comes first

3️⃣you put work towards your own needs, so lack of self care .

4️⃣relationships are always drama orientated or one sided you listen they talk, being called to heal or help them more than a balanced friendship.

5️⃣you have lost a sense of your own identity asking” who am I “ and not having a sense of the answer .

6️⃣unwell / sore and sick body , poor immune system , Metaphysically your body is not aligned .

7️⃣paying for others more than you should, overly generous, struggle to ask people to pay their fair share.

If you tick one or more than you are not fully in your power, this means everything will not be abundant and flow as it should.

Majority of peoples life lessons os SELF LOVE , so if you ticket one or more of the above than you are not alone .

You are always capable of accessing your power .Its often just realising its not wholly there before you can take it back.


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