Dive into the dynamic world of energy with our "Taking Interest" course in the heart of Sedona!

Join us for a transformative one-day in-person experience in May (TBC), where we unravel the mysteries of energy. From understanding that everything is energy to harnessing the power of energy healing, this course is your gateway to a profound connection with the unseen forces around us. Elevate your awareness, tap into the energies of Sedona, and embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of the physical. Don't miss the chance to take your interest in energy to new heights!

ENERGY – Everything is energy
Energy healing and working with energy

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Tríona has had the honour of working with clients and teaching all over the World for over 8 years. Triona is a QHHT level 3 practitioner (Dolores Cannon Method) and LBL (Between Lives Soul regression ) In Ireland and as such has helped thousands of clients access their higher selves and Collective Consciousness.
She has qualified and practises as a trainer, Medium, Chaneller and Speaker, as well as Spiritual Mentoring. Her passion is the afterlife, soul and consciousness exploration through the stars and this planet.
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