*limited space’s due to capacity restrictions*

So excited to be running this live retreat Day in this incredible location.
Enjoy basking in the energy of this ancient monolithic site , with the hotel located in the grounds.
Quiet and Healing and attendees wishing to stay over can avail of a special B&B rate .
You can bring your own lunch and enjoy the wonderful grounds or treat yourself to a sit down lunch

– Meditation Journey to go deep into a trance state and communicate directly with your Higher Self
– Group Past Life Regression or Inner child Healing
– Identify and connect with your Spirit /Animal Guide
– Sharing & connecting your story with like minded people
– Spiritual / reiki healing share
– Learn about Astral Travelling / OBE and Journey into the spiritual realms & accessing Universal collective wisdom.

Glendalough is a powerful energetic monolithic site , the hotel is located right in the center beside the beautiful lakes. You can book your special offer B&B rate by quoting my name and date .
If Travelling from abroad: you may be asked for a PCR test to enter and exit though Dublin .
There are no requirements to attending this event and no medical information will be asked for.

* if staying overnight pls don’t hesitate to make the group aware where we can dine together in the evening .

Glendalough Hotel “Coffee Lounge”
time 10 am – 5.30 PM
Date Saturday 5th Feb
130 Ero

*terms & conditions apply. If event is cancelled then a full refund will be given . All bookings are non refundable otherwise