Unlock the secrets of your soul with our exclusive masterclass, "What is Your SYMBOL?"

Delve into the depths of your subconscious, where a unique symbol awaits—a key to unlocking your soul's journey through time and space. Guided by Tríona, this transformative experience aligns you with your Soul's Divine Spark Imprint. Inspired by Dolores Cannon's insights, join us on a journey to Source, where you'll access and activate YOUR symbol. Embrace the magic of self-discovery and let your unique code illuminate the path ahead.

Two time options available:
  • 9th March – Saturday at 6pm (Dublin/London Time) or 1 pm EST
  • 10th March – Sunday at 11am (Dublin/London Time)
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*Limited Spaces*
What is your SYMBOL ?
We all have a unique symbol that we hold in our subconscious that can be accessed when the time is right. When you access this symbol, an alignment occurs that can help you access your soul’s journey through time and space as well as alignment with your Soul’s Divine Spark Imprint. Join Tríona in this one of a kind unique masterclass where you will journey to Source and access YOUR symbol for activation.
Dolores Cannon Discusses how we all have this unique code – let’s journey together to find this 
Over zoom I hope you can attend and join in on this energetic masterclass that will leave you feeling energized (journeys to source are always experimental and a certain degree of conscious surrender is needed)
  • Investment: €33
  • Duration: 2 hours 
Two time options available:
  • 9th March 2024 – Saturday at 6pm (Dublin/London Time) or 1 pm EST
  • 10th March 2024 – Sunday at 11 Am (Dublin/London Time)

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Tríona has had the honour of working with clients and teaching all over the World for over 8 years. Triona is a QHHT level 3 practitioner (Dolores Cannon Method) and LBL (Between Lives Soul regression ) In Ireland and as such has helped thousands of clients access their higher selves and Collective Consciousness.
She has qualified and practises as a trainer, Medium, Chaneller and Speaker, as well as Spiritual Mentoring. Her passion is the afterlife, soul and consciousness exploration through the stars and this planet.
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