The QHHT Level 1 Online Companion Program is for online graduates and anyone wanting to brush up on their skills no matter what stage or experience to include Interns, Level 1 and level 2.

The live 3 day class is given by Triona . who is experienced and approved Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy practitioner facilitator * level 3. This class provides a day to answer your questions, a day to practice your new found skills with other classmates and a day to share your session results and receive immediate feedback. This program is perfect for new online course students, practitioners who have previously completed the online course, or any practitioner who would like to get some practice sessions in, ask questions about their sessions and connect with other practitioners. This is booked through directly when its available and usually runs a few times during the year . Please note these are always in person only and booked through QHHT by accessing the link below

– build confidence
– get a session and receive a session
– top tricks and marketing advise
– navigate problems
– high vibe atmosphere a the Venue:

Glendalough is a powerful energetic monolithic site , the hotel is located right in the center beside the beautiful lakes. You can book your special offer B&B rate by quoting QHHT Training
If Travelling from abroad: you may be asked for a PCR test to enter and exit though Dublin .