This is your invitation to embark on a transformative experience with “Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship)” – a chance to connect, recharge, and explore the depths of your being. This live mini retreat offers a unique blend of in-person activities and training designed to elevate your spiritual journey. 

Join us for a journey of self-discovery, where you can take a break from the demands of daily life and immerse yourself in a space where laughter, tears, and profound moments converge. This retreat is crafted for those seeking more than just a respite; it is an opportunity to dive into a holistic exploration of the self. Take the time to invest in yourself and embark on a path of holistic well-being and enlightenment. 

The Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship) Experience

The program encompasses various aspects of personal growth and spiritual development, including: 

● Connecting to Your Higher Self: Delve into the exploration of your innermost being, establishing a profound connection with your higher self that transcends the ordinary. 

● Deeper Connection to Your Guides: Uncover the guidance and wisdom from spiritual mentors and guides, fostering a deeper connection that can illuminate your path forward.

● Deepening Your Spiritual Self: Immerse yourself in practices and teachings that facilitate a profound spiritual experience, allowing for personal growth and transformation. 

● Self-Love: Cultivate a compassionate and nurturing relationship with yourself, discovering the power of self-love as a foundation for well-being. 

● Fun Practice: Engage in enjoyable and uplifting activities that not only lighten the spirit but also contribute to your overall well-being. 

● Metaphysics, Consciousness, Being Present: Explore the realms of metaphysics, expand your consciousness, and learn the art of being fully present in the moment, unlocking new dimensions of awareness. 

Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship) warmly welcomes individuals of all experience levels, making it suitable for both beginners and those well-versed in their spiritual journey. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the realms of self-discovery or seeking to deepen your existing practices, this retreat is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of every participant. 

Couples are wholeheartedly embraced in this transformative experience. The retreat recognizes the power of shared spiritual growth and encourages couples to embark on this journey together, fostering connection and understanding within their relationship. Additionally, participants have the flexibility to choose their own accommodation for each day of the retreat. This allows attendees to tailor their experience to their preferences and comfort levels, ensuring that the retreat becomes a personalized and enriching adventure. 


What’s Included 

● In addition to the enriching workshops scheduled for Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, we invite you to join us for delightful communal experiences during the evening meals on Friday and Saturday, as well as lunch on both days. These culinary gatherings complement the transformative workshops, creating a holistic experience that encompasses both inner exploration and communal connection. 

What’s Not Included 

● Please note that the retreat package does not include accommodation (Bed and Breakfast). However, special rates have been arranged for participants,

allowing you to secure comfortable lodging at an affordable price. Take advantage of these exclusive rates to enhance your retreat experience by choosing accommodation that aligns with your preferences and needs. 

● Additionally, please be aware that the retreat package does not cover the costs of alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. Participants are encouraged to manage their own preferences for beverages during meals and social gatherings. 


To secure your accommodation for the Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship) retreat, please follow the booking instructions below: 

Hotel Booking Information: 


Reference: “Tríona Sheeran”

Accommodation Rates: 

Single Rooms: €100 per night 

Twin or Double Rooms: €149 per night 

Email the provided address with your reservation request, mentioning the reference “Tríona Sheeran.” 


We have block-booked rooms at the Glendalough Hotel to ensure availability for our retreat participants. We look forward to your presence at the Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship) retreat and hope you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at the Glendalough Hotel. If you have any inquiries or special requests, feel free to include them in your email to the provided address. Safe travels and see you at the retreat! 


Glendalough is a picturesque valley located in County Wicklow, Ireland, known for its stunning natural beauty and historical significance. It is renowned for the ancient monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin. Visitors to Glendalough often come to explore the historic sites, hiking trails, and serene lakes. For specific details about the Glendalough Hotel, including its amenities, services, and current offerings, I recommend checking the hotel’s official website or contacting them directly. You can use the provided email address ( to inquire about reservations and get more

information about the hotel’s facilities, room options, and any special packages they may offer. 


What Can the Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship) Do for You?

The “Soul Journey & Rediscovery (Mentorship)” retreat holds the potential to offer a variety of benefits, contributing to personal growth, self-discovery, and overall well-being. Here are some potential outcomes and positive impacts that participants might derive from the retreat: 

  • Self-Discovery: Engage in activities and practices designed to foster a deeper understanding of oneself. Explore your innermost thoughts, emotions, and desires, leading to a more profound sense of self-awareness. 
  • Spiritual Growth: Delve into workshops focused on connecting with your higher self, deepening spiritual awareness, and establishing a closer relationship with spiritual guides. The retreat provides a sacred space for spiritual exploration and growth. 
  • Emotional Healing: Through practices such as self-love and fun activities, participants may experience emotional healing. The retreat can serve as a therapeutic journey, allowing individuals to release and process emotions in a supportive environment. 
  • Connection with Others: The communal aspects of the retreat, including shared meals and workshops, offer opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Building a sense of community can provide support, inspiration, and a network for continued personal development. 
  • Mindfulness and Presence: Workshops on metaphysics, consciousness, and being present aim to cultivate mindfulness. You will learn techniques to stay grounded in the present moment, promoting a sense of peace and clarity. 
  • Relationship Enhancement (for Couples): Couples attending the retreat together have the opportunity to deepen their connection through shared experiences. The retreat can provide a unique environment for strengthening relationships and fostering mutual growth. 
  • Holistic Well-Being: The combination of spiritual, emotional, and physical practices contributes to holistic well-being. You will leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and equipped with tools to enhance various aspects of their lives. 
  • Personal Empowerment: As individuals explore and embrace different aspects of themselves, they may experience a sense of empowerment. The retreat inspires us to take charge of their lives and make positive changes.
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