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You may be drawn to a reading if you are struggling with some decisions and need clarity about your past or your future, you wish to connect and know your guides .

Channeling / Mediumship is to give proof that our lives continue after our passing and that our soul is on a continuous journey. There is no end only a new beginning in the spiritual world. A Medium is able to function as a bridge between our world and the spirit world.

To feel their presence and Love and to have your soul awaken with this presence . You can also be brought on a guided journey to meet your guides or loved ones yourself .

You may wish to listen to this hypnosis guided meditation

Booking options

Colour Reading – This involves tuning into your energy field and choosing 4 colours that are prevalent in your life at the time . Understanding what is happening  in your life receiving guidance and clarity. It is 90 minutes in total . Triona will work for an hour before the zoom call, you will receive via email your colour aura chart , and Triona will expand and explain this during the one to one zoom call. Also available as a Gift voucher

Intuitive Guidance – Using tarot / Angel cards a look at past , present and future for guidance and clarity and direction including about your work, studies, company decisions etc.

Mediumship – connecting to loved ones who have passed . Evidence based, guided journey together or you can choose the more traditional reading.
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Note: Terms and conditions apply, as well as understanding that working with energy cannot be guaranteed and on occasion a session may need to be rescheduled or cancelled and refunded . It is important that ethics are foremost  considered .

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