QHHT®- Dolores Cannon’s method

QHHT®- Dolores Cannon’s method

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠  Truly Transformational designed to be one session

Hypnotherapy & Trauma Release

Guided to address current life events where the subconscious mind has trouble letting go, face your fears & release

Spiritual Mentoring & Guidance

Develop your psychic Intuition, read your Akashic records, connect with your guides, work with your abilities

Accessing Akashic Records

Gain insight into your life now, your past and future. As well as your soul lessons and core abilities you have

Weekly Clinical Therapy

Clinical & intuitive therapy that works to help you overcome childhood trauma, unwanted thoughts and much more

Previous Life Regression

Empowering spiritual experience, visit past lives, unlock hidden knowledge, abilities & awaken your senses 

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